Daniel - (Ordinary Greatness) by Matt Morton & Blake Jennings & Brian Fisher (Paperback)
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About the Book Teens face the same pressures Daniel and his friends did - being popular in a hostile world. Book Synopsis Living in a culture that was hostile toward having faith in God, Daniel and his friends could have conformed to society. Instead, they learned to take a stand through God's power for what they believed. By studying their integrity and faithfulness, students will be challenged to evaluate their priorities and embrace biblical values, no matter the cost. This 8-session study includes: Main Bible passage Application questions for each lesson Leader's guide From the Back Cover Daniel experienced God's power like few in history ever would. His story, filled with courage great enough to face lions, reveals what it means to be a man of God. Explore his life and discover how to achieve true greatness as you live boldly for what you believe. Through hard-hitting questions and exciting stories, you'll uncover for yourself the secrets to maintaining integrity and winning spiritual battles. And as you learn to discover God's truth for yourself, you'll find that God already sees greatness in you. All you have to do is live it! Series Copy: They were ordinary, but what God saw in them and did in their lives would make them great. Journey deep into God's Word as you examine the lives of a few of His followers and discover how He transformed them from average people to giants in His kingdom. As you do, you'll unlock the truths that can make you, too, a powerhouse for God. About the Author Brian Fisher, Matt Morton, and Blake Jennings serve together at Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas. Grace is a multisite church of four thousand people located near Texas AandM University. Brian serves as the senior pastor and holds a master's degree and a doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary. Matt is the college pastor and graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and Texas AandM University. Blake is the teaching pastor of Grace's Southwood Campus. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and Texas AandM University.



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