Golf's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Golf's Outrageous Duffers, Deadly Divots and Other Oddities Floyd Conner Author
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Richard Blackman was chased off a course by a lion. Despite being blind, Charles Boswell shot a round of 81. An errant drive by Mathieu Boya resulted in the destruction of the entire air force of Benin. Otto Bucher shot a hole-in-one at age ninety-nine. Mobster Al Capone shot himself in the foot during a round of golf. Tommy Bolt was fined $250 for repeatedly breaking wind during the 1959 Memphis Open. While leading the 1934 U.S. Open, Bobby Cruickshank knocked himself out when he threw his club into the air in celebration of a good shot. At the 1973 Sea Pines Heritage Classic, Hale Irwin hit a ball that landed inside a woman's bra. Four-time British Open winner Bobby Locke slept with his putter. Bayly MacArthur nearly died in a quicksand trap. Jack Newton fled a course in Zambia, tearing off his clothes when ants got in his pants. During a 1966 exhibition in South Africa, Gary Player was attacked by killer bees. In 1964, Floyd Rood took 114,737 shots to hit a golf ball across the United States. George Russell once drove a ball 300 yards-backward. Sam Snead once hit a shot from a men's bathroom. Former U.S. Open winner Cyril Walker was arrested for slow play during the 1930 Los Angeles Open. Harry Dearth played a round of golf in a suit of armor. Monica Hannah won a tournament while nine months pregnant. Howard Hughes used naked starlets to distract his opponents during golf games. Joe Kirkwood unearthed a corpse with a divot.Golf history is filled with one-of-a-kind shots, missed putts, and unplayable lies. Golf's Most Wanted chronicles over seven hundred of the most colorful players and unbelieveable shots in golf history. Its seventy-two lists describe in humorous detail the most inept players, unusual holes-in-one, notable nicknames, little known records, preposterous penalties, strangest mishaps, most embarrassing moments, luckiest bounces, freak injuries, and more.


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