Hunger, Hope, and Healing : A Yoga Approach to Reclaiming Your Relationship to Your Body and Food by Sarahjoy Marsh
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A yoga approach to dealing with disorded eating patterns--like overeating, food addiction, and stress eating--and the resulting emotional distress they can cause. Yoga philosophy and practice is increasingly being used in therapeutic settings with great efficacy to help treat eating disorders. In this book, Sarahjoy Marsh, a yoga teacher, counselor, and meditation teacher, offers a program using the tools and philosophy of yoga for addressing addiction--specifically, food addiction, disordered eating patterns, body image issues, and emotional eating. She educates the reader about both the nature of addiction and the philosophy of yoga and offers a methodical approach to recovery that is neither dogmatic nor rigid; rather, it is empathic, hopeful, and deliberate. Full of clear, empathic advice and photographs of the step-by-step practices, this book will help alleviate the isolation that people with eating disorders feel; offer strategies for changing the behaviors; and give clear guidelines about the processes of recovery and the development of new life skills, which are taught in the book.


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