Mexico at War: From the Struggle for Independence to the 21st-Century Drug Wars David F. Marley Author
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A comprehensive overview of Mexico's military history from 1810 to the present day, including rare facts and information not found online.Mexico's past is riddled with stories of struggle—military battles, internal rebellions, revolutions, and drug wars. This in-depth reference provides a complete military history of that country since its War of Independence in 1810 through the present day. From the evolution of combat in the region, to the motivations and tensions behind recurrent conflicts, to the dubious beginnings of drug gangs and warlords, this is the only book of its kind to explore Mexican warfare in such great depth.This detailed study consists of an alphabetical compilation of roughly 300 entries dealing with different facets of hostile encounters throughout the country's history. In addition to covering key places and people, regional expert and author David F. Marley offers unique insights into more obscure topics such as the 1913 aerial bombardments at the port of Guaymas, visits from American luminaries, colorful Mexican military slang, and the songs that identify various political factions. The work includes a host of important historical documents, a glossary, and an extensive bibliography to encourage further research on the subject.Contains 300 entries covering every aspect of military history ranging from weapons to terminology to practicesIncludes a wealth of hard-to-find information compiled and translated from obscure Mexican and French sourcesFeatures key primary sources, including 10 of the most important documents related to the military history of MexicoReveals the role music played in creating and establishing personal, military, and national identities


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