Confessions of a Caregiver : When Alzheimer's Comes to Your Home by Joseph Skillin
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Joe Skillin and his wife took into their home his mother-in-law, a once vivacious and fun spirit now suffering from Alzheimer's. 'When Mom developed Alzheimer's and came to live with us, we were clueless about what this visit would become. We quickly became aware of the negative aspects of this entire situation a " Alzheimer's the sickness, the suffering the disease inflicted on Mom, the change of priorities and schedules, the strain on my wife, and the apparent squeeze on our freedom or certainly our normal schedule. All those negative feelings a "they were real, daily, imposing, and eating at my soul.' What effect does Alzheimer's have on the caregiver? This book was written for youa "the caregiver of the Alzheimer's patient or any full-time caregivera "to prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster you will experience. Joe bares his anger, resentment, frustrations, and eventually his love and hope as he and his wife live the caregiver's life. While reading of his trials and triumphs, you will understand the simple tools he uses to cope with the daily frustrations and difficulties. Gain a deeper understanding of your own situation from Confessions of a Caregiver.


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