The Rich Hiker's Guide to Walking with God Paul Krautmann Author
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The rich hiker's guide to walking with God We are all spiritual hikers on a journey towards the Kingdom of God. And we are rich. This inspiring and informative guide starts by looking at the basic attitude and approach we are to have in our walk with God, and goes on to answer such questions as: where, why and how we are to walk, and takes a look at some of the various walking styles we may adopt at different stages of our lives. It also examines a number of pitfalls and potholes we can fall into, and provides some guidelines for spiritual foot care. In this very readable and entertaining guide, Paul Krautmann weaves in some of his own personal experiences and observations, culled from his adventures as church pastor in South America and the Caribbean, and his present work with World Vision in Australia. Having travelled and survived the rocky road from cultish legalism to grace and truth in Jesus Christ, Worldwide Church of God minister Paul Krautmann has learned much about walking with God. Born in England, he trained as a librarian, then worked for two years in Guyana at the National Library as a Voluntary Service Overseas volunteer. During that time, through the ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong, Paul surrendered his life to God, and in 1972 entered Ambassador College, graduating in 1975. He returned to Guyana to work at the National Library, and also to take care of the fledgling church there. He served as full time pastor from 1978 to 1989 when he was transferred to the Caribbean to pastor churches in Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Dominica. In 1999 Paul and his Guyanese wife Unita moved to Perth, Western Australia. They have three children: Emil, Lorna and Paul.


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