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By several measures, insurance for you, your family, your home, and your car continues to rise at the fastest rate in our history. In 2005 (the latest year data are available), total national health expenditures rose 7.9 percent - more than three times the rate of inflation. Nearly 50 million Americans are uninsured for healthcare. According to Insurance Information Institute projections, the average annual expenditure for auto insurance in 2006 was $851. Millions of drivers have no auto insurance. The average expenditure for homeowners insurance was $729, according to a February 2007 report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Insurance takes a huge bite out of the average American's monthly budget, and as stated above, many Americans simply forgo insurance because they consider it out of reach. Shopping for insurance requires more effort than many people want to devote to it. They simply grab the first price they come across or accept routine rate increases when it is important to compare not only the price but also coverage and exclusions among carriers. In this easy to read and comprehensive new book you will learn hundreds of ways to secure and or reduce your health, automobile, life, and home insurance costs. If you do not have or cannot afford insurance, we will show you how to get it at a price you can afford. The Internet and technology have opened up a great new way to search for low cost insurance services; we will give you the Web sites, tell you what to look for and to look out for. There is a great deal you can do right now to cut insurance costs. For example, did you know that installing a theft tracking device in your car can save you up to 35% on your auto insurance and that your credit history can dramatically affect your auto insurance premium. Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of insurers use credit information to create an insurance risk score, which they then use as a factor to determine your insurance rate. Add a simple home security system to monitor your home, and your insurance rates may be discounted up to 30%, depending upon where you live. Your insurance could end up costing you more if you choose to make monthly payments rather than pay the entire premium annually. Notify your agent if you retire, your children go to school, or you start working from home (when you're not traveling as much your rates will go down). Have you stopped smoking? Lost weight? Started exercising? All of these efforts can have a dramatic effect on your insurance rates. Insurance topics covered in this book are How Insurance Works, Insurance Company Rating, National and Local Firms, Auto, Health, and Disability Insurance, along with work sheets and forms to assist you in your search for the best coverage at the lowest price.


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