Trouble in Tikal Diane Sawyer Author
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From the moment Rosie and Ted arrive in Guatemala for a well-needed vacation and the chance to enjoy their developing romance, danger stalks them. When they visit Tikal, the country's most beloved Mayan archaeological site, the danger spins out of control. Soon they are caught in death-defying, edge-of-your-seat adventures. Ted's daytime zip-lining tour of the jungle pits him against gang members who hunt him down. When Rosie and Ted visit a couple in a nearby cabin, they are attacked by strangers and end up fighting for their lives.The question remains. Even with aid from the likes of a driver-guide, archaeological experts, chief of police, and undercover agents, can Rosie and Ted find the answer to why they are the targets before it’s too late? The clock is ticking, and time is rapidly running out.


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