Day the Trees Bent to the Ground: Stories from the 1964 Alaska Earthquake
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All author proceeds from the sale of The Day Trees Bent to the Ground go to support the Anchorage Senior Center. The Day Trees Bent to the Ground is 150 first person stories from people who survived The Great Alaska Earthquake. Quotes from the Book: My hands that were still holding my twofer scotch-and-waters. My hands that had taken the glasses under the table, out from under the table, all around the block, into the car and now, as I watched, began shaking so hard they dropped both drinks in my lap. Jean Paal I came to your house to tell your wife she was a widow. Tom Marshall Believe me when I say I am not ready for a re-run of that quake. Arliss Sturgelewski Bill and June wrapped their arms around each other as they were thrown to the floor and were rocketed back and forth and up and down the hall like a human bowling ball. Esther Wunnicke ..could find no information about the whereabouts of Mildred, Sally and my children. When I returned to the hospital to tell John that I had lost the kids.... Elizabeth Tower Mom had made up her mind that the safest place for baby Becky was to throw her on a pile of snow.... Jackie Young Mr. Swensen, you go to hell! Vera Stribling


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