Forex Simplified: Behind the Scenes of Currency Trading Marilyn McDonald Author
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Trade With DISCIPLINE. The Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world. While getting started may be easy, staying in the game takes discipline, patience, and a great deal of preparation.Know The Facts Before You Enter The Forex Market. Get to know the major currencies and learn to do such essential tasks as calculate swap rates.This book will give you the confidence to achieve your investment goals.Master The Tools Of The Trade. Get the most relevant economic news releases, and find out how to take advantage of this vital data. Learn the basics of Automated Trading Systems and more with this complete guide to online trading.Check Your Emotions At The Door. Develop the right trading psychology and block emotions from your trading decisions. Learn to recognize market trends with both Fundamental and Technical analysis and use these stockpicking methods to make important trading decisions.Create A Plan To Protect Your Profits. Discover tactics for deciding when and how much to trade and what time frames to consider in your analysis.Determine when the forex market is most active as well as other trading plan essentials.


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