The Politics of Crystal Meth: Gay Men Share Stories of Addiction and Recovery Kenneth Cimino Author
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A non-profit executive, governmental employee, financial advisor, travel agent, student, fashion designer - what these gay men have in common is a knowledge of pain, obsession, despair, degradation, and finally freedom from the one element that connects their stories: crystal meth use.Dr. Ken Cimino reveals the intimate and horrifying nature of meth abuse and presents ten inspiring true life dramas of meth use and recovery in The Politics of Crystal Meth: Gay Men Share Personal Stories of Addiction and Recovery. In part one he illustrates the varied reasons why gay men use methamphetamines, from gay oppression to homophobia to building self esteem to HIV issues. In the second part of the book he shares ten personal and motivating stories of meth use and recovery.In The Politics of Crystal Meth: Gay Men Share Personal Stories of Addiction and Recovery, experts such as Kathy Rebak, Walter Odets and Luciano Colonna talk about issues and problems created by gay men who use meth. Gay men addicts bear a social stigma that straight men don't, for example, making it hard for them to admit their addiction and seek treatment. The Politics of Crystal Meth also answers the difficult questions, Am I an addict? and To whom do I turn? It describes the principles of the most successful treatment programs and lists the experts currently bringing help to gay men who have meth and other addiction problems.The Politics of Crystal Meth will educate you, possibly scare you, and alert you to meth addiction as experienced by ordinary, respectable, average gay men. Whether you think you may be an addict, know someone or love someone who is, or work with gay addicts, this book offers self help through understanding and support.


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