The Changing Global Order : World Leaders Reflect
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In this insightful collection of over 40 essays and conversations with world leaders, ten end of the twentieth century comes into focus. Each contribution addresses a key aspect of the changing global order. These themes include: America's global presence now transcends its foreign policy institutions. MTV has gone where the CIA could never penetrate. Radical Islam has arisen to fill the vacuum of failed post-colonial nationalism in Africa and the Arab world. Allah has replaced Nasser. The West's humiliation of Russia by expanding NATO will come back to haunt the post-Cold War peace. In Asia, one billion people will live in 50 megacities with 20 million in population each. This will give rise to the Generic City because the past is to mall to inhabit. With less than 400 billionaires possessing as much wealth as 45 percent of he world population, the inequality gap is too vast to last. China's growing property will cast the shadow of scarcity on world food supplies. IN the twenty-first century, the state will lose its monopoly over violence. terrorists will possess weapons of mass destruction. Nathan Gardels has compiled some of the most provocative and influential articles to have appeared in his publications "New Perspectives Quarterly" and Global Viewpoint, a service of the "Los Angeles Times" Syndicate. In this collection are essays and interviews from prime ministers, business leaders, public intellectuals and scientists, including a remarkable conversation between Bush, Mitterrand, Thatcher and Gorbachev reminiscing over their respective roles in ending the Cold War.


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