The Hero Is You : Sharpen Your Focus, Conquer Your Demons, and Become the Writer You Were Born to Be (How to Write a Book) by Kendra Levin
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Imagine having your own personal mentor someone encouraging yet honest, supportive yet empowering, who could help you set and achieve your goals, turn your moments of doubt and fear into sources of strength, and discover what you re truly capable of when you re at your best. Kendra Levin is that mentor. And with this book, she s here to help you do the best writing of your life and live your best life while doing it. Using a fresh new approach to Joseph Campbell s archetypal Hero s Journey, Levin reveals how to be a hero in the narrative of your own process. She weaves together wisdom drawn from her years as a life coach for writers and an editor at the world s biggest publishing house with behind-the-scenes stories from a panoply of best-selling authors and career entertainers. With over thirty exercises designed to help you reinvent your creative process from the inside out, this book will show you how to: Identify your biggest challenges and render them powerless Start a project that you love and stick with it Design a structure for writing regularly Whether you re a first-time writer with a brand-new project or a seasoned pro, you ll reach the end of this book feeling fulfilled, inspired, and ready to mentor the next writer on their creative journey.


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