Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting - by Vince Morris (Paperback)
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About the Book An all new, modern looking guide to pressure point fighting--the martial art and self defense technique that allows anyone (regardless of size) to quickly immobilize an attacker by striking at the vulnerable spots on the body. Book Synopsis TARGET YOUR OPPONENT'S VITAL POINTS TO DISABLE ANYONE USING MINIMAL FORCE -Over 300 step-by-step photos show each point and strike -Written by a 9th - Dan Master and renowned expert on pressure point fighting Martial arts lore tells of masters who possessed a mysterious ability to defeat an opponent with a single perfectly placed blow. The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting transforms the ancient legend into a modern reality--an anatomically based fighting and self-defense system that allows a smaller defender to defeat a larger attacker by striking at the key points on his body. Straightforward and easy to understand, The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting provides a complete overview of the body's vulnerable points and teaches how to stop an attacker as quickly as possible using a minimal amount of physical strength. About the Author Vince Morris, 7th Dan, has over 40 years experience in Judo and Karate training. He is the author of 14 training manuals and numerous training videos. He regularly presents seminars throughout the world to martial artists with varying backgrounds.



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