A Great and Glorious Game - by Kenneth S Robson (Paperback)
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About the Book From his musings on the psychology of the game to his opinions on strikes, trades, and cheating, this collection of spirited, incisive essays by the late Bart Giamatti--former president of the National League and Commissioner of Baseball--offers a thoughtful meditation on baseball, character, and values. Book Synopsis With a foreword by David Halberstam. He spoke out against player trading. He banned Pete Rose from baseball for gambling. He even asked sports fans to clean up their acts. Bart Giamatti was baseball's Renaissance man and its commissioner. In A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GAME, a collection of spirited, incisive essays, Giamatti reflects on the meaning of the game. Baseball, for him, was a metaphor for life. He artfully argues that baseball is much more than an American pastime. Baseball is about going home, he wrote, and how hard it is to get there and how driven is our need. And in his powerful 1989 decision to ban Pete Rose from baseball, Giamatti states that no individual is superior to the game itself, just as no individual is superior to our democracy. A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GAME is a thoughtful meditation on baseball, character, and values by one of the most eloquent men in the world of sport.



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