Spark Change : Making Your Mark in a Digital World by , Olivia, Merrill, Cynthia Van Ledtje
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Kids are naturally curious about the world around them. They seek ways to understand and interact with their environment, often using digital tools to do so. Imagine a world where children's curiosities are amplified -- helping them see the power of their thinking, perspective and voice. Spark Change examines the multitude of possibilities available when students are given the opportunity to amplify their learning online, centering on three ideas of citizenship: be a good person, be critical and be an advocate for something you care about in life. The book introduces readers to Liv, a young changemaker empowered to use digital tools to create and share content online. Liv's story offers readers an opportunity to explore how students can use technology as a tool for empathy, equity and activism. Kids can't become changemakers if they aren't empowered to think beyond their own community. Liv's online sense of agency serves as an example of maximizing opportunities, developing a powerful voice and making global connections that deepen her compassion for people and the world. Connected-learning opportunities help students develop key understandings about the world around them. This book shows how these understandings lead to social action, and how students develop a deeper sense of empathy and kindness from interacting with the world.


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