Who Killed Kurt Cobain? : The Mysterious Death of an Icon by Ian, Wallace, Max, Halpern, Dorothy Halperin
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When rock superstar Kurt Cobain was found with a bullet through his head at his Seattle home in April 1994, the news reverberated around the world. The police quickly labeled the death a suicide, triggering over sixty copycat suicides among mournful teenagers who were shocked by the death of their angst-ridden hero, who had been repeatedly labeled "the voice of his generation". Though the suicide verdict was quickly accepted as the official version and the world accepted Cobain's death as just another rock-and-roll tragedy, it soon became apparent that Cobain's purported suicide was not the open-and-shut case it appeared to be. In Who Killed Kurt Cobain? award-winning investigative journalists Ian Halperin and Max Wallace raise explosive questions. The answers point to the very real possibility that the rock superstar was murdered. As they unravel the mystery of Cobain's death the authors introduce a bizarre and fascinating cast of characters -- The respected Beverly hills private investigator who was hired by Courtney Love to find her husband after he was missing from a Los Angeles drug rehab center and who later declared the death a murder, not a suicide as the police claimed -- The father who accused his own daughter of murdering Cobain -- The Los Angeles musician who revealed he was offered $50,000 to kill Cobain and passed a lie detector test given by the world's top polygraph examiner. He was mysteriously found dead shortly after. Who Killed Kurt Cobain? asks troubling unanswered questions about the death -- Why were no legible fingerprints found on the shotgun Cobain supposedly used to shoot himself? -- Who used Cobain's credit card after his death? --Why were there two sets of handwriting on the so-called suicide note? These and many other revelations offer a compelling and credible reasons for police to reopen the case of Cobain's death so that millions of fans will know how their hero really died.


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