Let Go: Book 3 of The Young and Privileged of Washington, DC Series Vivian Kohlman Author
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Like a moth to a flame...Lexo is scorching hot...gorgeous and cocky. Billi knows the type and instantly writes him off. But she can't ignore him for long...she's drawn to this god of a man.Billi makes the one mistake girls try to avoid: she hopes he'll change for her. She lets herself fall for him and ignores the red flags that are all around her.He calms down for a while, but just can't stay that way...he's too restless, and sure that he's got Billi in his pocket. And he's very sure he can keep it under control.He's right, for a while. Billi just can't leave him, and he just can't let her go. Even when things heat up...even when she knows.It takes a moment too close to the sun to make Billi feel her wings get burned. But once singed, she walks away.This book is for mature audiences.


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