Christian Times Magazine, Issue 7: The Voice OF Truth Anil Anwar Author
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ISSUE 7 DESCRIPTION: Christian Times Magazine issue 7 telling a story about Kelly Trayes and how she accepted Lord Jesus Christ in her life. Here is little Introduction Kelly Trayes Kelly Trayes. grew up as a Christian in Bristol. A lovely city, in the South West of England, where she lived with both parents and my younger brother, Kevin. Kevin passed away from epilepsy at the age of 9 of epilepsy (Kelly was 12). It was the most traumatising thing she has been through Into her early 20's, she remembers reading an incredible book called the Power of Faith, Smith Wigglesworth. It stirred a hunger in her and she became quickly intrigued by the power of the holy spirit. Not too long after she met her ex-fiance and this dimmed her focus. they were together for 2yrs before the relationship ended in a 'not so healthy' way. She then fell into an even MORE unhealthy relationship where she was mentally, emotionally & eventually physically abused and the only sight of God she had left, was the odd visits to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, her partner, at the time, didn't support her so it was always a fight to reason with her partner, which was very draining and hard work. Finally, God challenged her to challenge Him, and He lead her footsteps into a world full of revelations and holy spirit adventures, whilst receiving the emotional healing at a Todd White, Power & Love Conference in New Jersey (Kelly said, I know I went far for this but I was so hungry, eager and desperate to learn more !) Kelly said Now I'm so hungry and, on looking back, have come so far; yet I look ahead and feel so far behind! There's no time to trip up now and Jesus has to be my number 1 main focus otherwise this life isn't worth living. He's given me hope, love, joy, peace and understanding, along with a growing ministry called Army Rising UK, which won't only impact the UK but branch out across the world! I guess on that note, I have to say a massive thank you to Jesus for dying and resurrecting Himself for me to gain all the amazing gifts and blessings I've received so far and will receive in future; and also to Anil & the team for allowing me to share this and hopefully encourage others out there to pursue Him even harder! Jesus really does answer you and prayer! He has the most incredible plan and purpose for your life, you honestly don't want to miss out!


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