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Confusing, mysterious and unknown, Alzheimer's is among the most-feared diseases because it strikes indiscriminately and there is no known cure. Now, in The Science of Alzheimer's, a new Special Edition from the editors of TIME, we draw back the curtain to reveal the latest research on what the disease is and what it is not, and how science is working to make Alzheimer's a manageable problem with a hopeful long-term prognosis, akin to diabetes or HIV. Go inside the latest research on different types of dementia, hereditary and environmental causes, new treatments, and more. Helpful lifestyle tips show how to ward off mental decline as we age, and case histories-including the stories of musician Glen Campbell and President Ronald Reagan, who bravely shared their diagnoses with the world-reveal the human face of Alzheimer's. We also look at the latest drugs being used to treat the disease and how there is hope in recent treatments and protocols, as well as alternative treatments that may be making a difference. Packed with authoritative information from the health editors at TIME, this guide helps everyone understand a frightening disease-and recognize the strides that are being made to fight it.


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