Bitcoin: What the Hell is Bitcoin and why should I buy it? Ethereum Altcoin Author
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BitcoinWhat the hell is it and why should I buy it?Have you heard of Bitcoin? If you answered no then you've been living under a f'ing rock for the last 6 months. BUY this book right NOW! Seriously, what's in the next 50 pages will ABSOLUTELY change your life (in a good way). It could be the most valuable thing you ever read... more valuable than the bible, even. Yeah, we said it.If you don't know what cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and decentralized computing are all about, you had better pull up a f'ing chair and listen because it's going to drastically change the way business, finance, and the future of the internet moves forward.Written by a normal guy, to be read by normal guys and gals, this book teaches you (in normal dude language) about:What the Hell is Bitcoin? Huh?What is a Bitcoin?BitcoinTraditional BankingConcensus - Decentralized Banking How many total bitcoins are there?Scarcity by SupplyScarcity by Fractional LossScarcity by Loss of WalletsWhat is a Bitcoin Wallet?Coinbase.comBlockchain.infoBitcoin ExchangesWhat about physical Bitcoins?COLD STORAGEBitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Cards. What is a wallet card?Is Bitcoin Anonymous?What could a bitcoin be worth in the future?Should you invest in bitcoin?When is a good time to buy?Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?


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