Venerations and Navigations of the Saints and Blessed for the Harris Family Brian Daniel Starr Author
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The book has Seven Major Saints or Kings or Sections of this book Saint Margaret Blessed Charlemagne Saint Judicael Saint Brychan King Arthur Saint Raymund Berenger It is shown how the Harris link to each of these Saints or Kings. Then it is shown how Saint Margaret links to 58 Saints, how Charlemagne links to 95 Saints etcetera for all the Saints and Kings. A Veneration is a bloodline and many of these Saints are Bloodline to the Harris, and the rest are a navigation to the Saint from a Bloodline. Plantagenet KIngs. If you are from the Harris Family you need this book. The research was geneaology based and taken from the internet, but any Reverend or Priest would be happy to link these Saints to any reader.


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