It's Ally's Turn Carole Love Forbes Author
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When I decided to write a book for Scarlet, it had to be about her favorite bird, the Owl. I knew little about them, so had to research them. I planned at first that I, as an artist, would illustrate the book. I then realized that, even though I am an animal artist, I would find the owls very difficult. Then I remembered my dear friend, Roberta Davis, who I knew could do a fantastic job. So I called her and happily she agreed to do the illustration. My job, surprisingly, would be the easy one. I knew I had to accomplish three things. 1. Who would be my heroin, 2. what would her problem be, and 3. how would it be solved. When these three were solved, I knew I had to have a lesson in self-faith taught to Ally. Being computer illiterate, I spent months trying to link the pictures to my story line. Not having a program that would do this, I had to find another way. Finally, it all came together and we are both very happy with the results.


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