Blessed with Activity: A Mindfulness Journey Kelly Price Noble DHA Author
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Blessed with Activity, yes, true to my mantra, became a reality when I would respond to people asking, How are you? Blessed with activity. A few times, when responding, I felt some would shy away if I said blessed versus lucky or fortunate. But these were/are my words and how I feel. They are not necessarily meant to be religious in aspect but to be something for which I am most grateful. I am busy all the time and truly never bored. My choice. After a while of me saying, Blessed with activity, folks said, Im going to use that! It explains my life! So many people said this to me that I felt Ive got to do something about this. So I did. Ive got apparel and accessories; Im creating workshops, and now you are reading my book. Please visit for more options. Join my email list. Demographics for me are widespread. What I did not realize was I missed one: retired seniors. I met a SCORE (senior counselors of retired executives) mentor who said he had so much activity when he was working. When he retired, he noted he didnt know what he had while he was working. Since our initial meeting, hes been thinking about Blessed with Activity!


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