The Book of Malachi Carvanive: The Antagonist Nathaniel D. Reidhead Author
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Based on a mixture of demonology and witchcraft, The Book of Malachi Carvanive is a story introducing readers into a world of magic and mischief. The story revolves around Malachi Carvanive, who is sacrificing his sister for immortality in a contract with a demon named Belial Valentine. All the while, a war is on the brink of total mass destruction between two legions of demons and angels. Malachi and Amos Blood, a demon phoenix, must first deliver the Vegvisir compass to the demon Belial as part of their contract. Then they will have to track and face the seventy-two demons that threaten the world while simultaneously prevent the uprising of a new king of the underworld. Find out what happens when the antagonist reveals himself to Malachi and threatens his plans for immortality, a new life, and happiness.


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