Understanding What It Means to Be Born Again: And Things Pertaining to Being Born Again Michael J. Rech Author
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Being born again is salvation, but what does the term born again mean? This book describes in a unique way how to fully understand the term. Also included are controversial beliefs that religions disagree on, which are completely explained scripturally in this book such as water baptism, why we have the Bible, is swearing a sin, and why babies go to heaven if they die no matter what the parents religion is. Read about stated theories of opinions from the Bible being disproved by stated facts from the Bible. I scripturally did a deeper study on these subjects. Read about how two religions have a different set of the Ten Commandants. Read about the gate to heaven and the gate to hell. This book is to be used to lead people to salvation. It is also to help weak Christians to be strong in their walk with Christ.


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