Trump, The Puzzle: American Tragedy and Global Destiny (External Vision ): How do we see Donald Trump ? Politically.... A hero or a crook ? Moulay Tai
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Donald Trump, the uncontrollable man who blasted American politics from the inside and petrified the elites—Is he an impostor with an oversized ego? Or a patriotic businessman who goes beyond the normally prescribed limits and wants to take on the model of globalization? Thousands of articles and dozens of books deal with him, but the man remains a puzzle! So, if we wish to understand the phenomenon, we must approach his case as we would approach a puzzle! The method proposed in this book, Trump the Puzzle, adopts a pedagogical trajectory that highlights, in a rigorous and clear way, the simple American realities. Then, grasping the complexity of the big sets, we try, as much as possible, to understand the integrated image of the “case”—the “naked truth.” It will not be the purpose of this book to diminish Trump, as is the wish of his enemies, to what he is not in reality—some political dwarf; nor to inflate him as is the wish of his admirers, into a real-life Incredible Hulk. We wish only to identify and recognize the truth. Those who seek to promote their own agendas—positive or negative—about the “Trump case” should look elsewhere! The method in Trump the Puzzle offers a dive into the psychology and construction of the Trump character and his vision of the world. It also clarifies what the Trump phenomenon is. The deep revolt that is shaking America affects the West in general and frightens the Third World as well. Trump The Puzzle teaches us about the challenges posed to America and the whole planet, and what we as concerned citizens of “this small planet” can do about it.Moulay Taieb Baiti, Master lecturer, consultant in International Geo-strategy and political anthropology.


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