Donald Trump and The Republican Party 2017 - Business, Energy, Palace intrigues - Republicans Vs Democrats Clairvoyant /Psychic predictions: Donald Tr
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1.Ronna Romney McDaniel (Chair of the Republican National Committee) - A war in the Republican Party, Secrets and Isolation of part of the republicans, Financing of business, Dividing and coming of second strong Republican party... - Clairvoyant predictions March 30, 2017 - by Clairvoyant House Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova 2. Paul Ryan (Speaker of the United States House of Representatives) - Health. He is ahead of a wing in the Republican party (military business and energy). The future of USA and the Republican Party year 2017 through the eyes of Paul Ryan, lawsuits, a war in the business and.... - Clairvoyant predictions March 30, 2017 3. Mark Meadows (Chairman of House Freedom Caucus - right-wing of the Republican party) - Leader and political party - year 2017 - a struggle for energy business. Clashes with Black movements, russians, italians.... - Clairvoyant predictions April 1, 2017 4. Mitch McConnel (Senate Majority Leader, member of the Republican Party) - Energy Business - attempts for uniting, investments in Space business, diamonds and successors - Clairvoyant predictions April 1, 2017 5. Kevin McCarthy (Republican party, House Majority Leader in the United States House of Representatives) - Year 2017- the worst year for mr. McCarthy - life, health, work, business and he almost succeeds to unite the Republican Parthy until January 2018 - Clairvoyant predictions April 2, 2017 6. First Abu Dhabi Bank - NBAD (UAE's largest bank) and Abdulhamid Saeed (Bank's group chief executive officer) - Health, New Energy contracts for oil extraction, a war, large - scale underground and underwater construction, new technologies, newly purchased island, through the fire of year 2017 - Clairvoyant predictions April 3, 2017, 10 am 7. Fabian Picardo (Chief Minister of Gibraltar) - A war for Gibraltar. When Gibraltar will be negotiated from EU for Spain? - Clairvoyant predictions April 5, 2017 8. Donald Trump - the US attack in Syria - A bank, vaults and gold. Fear about transportation by sea.... - Clairvoyant predictions April 8, 2017, 10 am. 9. Andrew N. Liveris (President and CEO - Dow Chemical ) - The new Hitler - if he wants he kills, if he wants - he doesn't - he doesn't speak in general for life. Business, power over the world, how he will die ? War, Climate change, suppression of riots - USA, his dream to destroy Russia and more... - Clairvoyant predictions April 9, 2017 10. William J. Callahan ( Acting Director of Secret Service) - Who manages : mr. Callahan or Ivanka Trump ? When there will be an award for the head of the President and by who ? Assault against Donald Trump - When? Health problems - when? Internal war in USA and palace coups.... - Clairvoyant predictions April 11, 2017, 10 am 11. Gary Cohn ( Chief economic advisor to President Donald Trump and president of Goldman Sachs) - Bad health, nerves - democrats business, energy, prisons..., energy business. How will be eliminated the business of the democrats? (details). Earning of money, gold - with war... Mission alien space technology...His power... - Clairvoyant predictions April 10, 2017 12. Alexander Novak (Minister of Energy in Russia) in CERA Week 2017 -Texas, USA. War, Gas corridors, oil fields. Joint ventures? Cooperation? A war for territories - oil and gas fields, shareholding - Turkish Stream, Israeli - Cyprian, Syrian, Iraqian, Egyptian, Lybian....- Clairvoyant predictions April 12, 2017, 10 am 13. Darren Woods (CEO of ExxonMobil) - CERAWeek 2017. Health, diseases, new contracts, new oilfields, expansion of distribution, legal war and new owners, new energy war, new deposits in Africa - when? - Clairvoyant predictions April 13, 2017 14. Ivanka Trump ( Advisor and daughter of President Donald Trump) - Health, Business, Seizure of energy business, Wars, War footing, Military Coup... Agreement with Russia about the distribution of the world... - Clairvoyant predictions April 14, 2017, 10 am.


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