A Widow's Pursuit: Finding Out There's More to Life Than Grief Cynthia A Adams Author
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Young, happy couples, with children, usually have goals and dreams for their future. Suddenly, one of the spouses die, and the spouse left behind becomes a young widow or widower raising young children. This wasn't the plan! I'm not making a case that older widows/widowers grieve less it's just that younger ones aren't expecting this to happen so early in life. This can be a very overwhelming time filled with tremendous grief. A WIDOW'S PURSUIT: FINDING OUT THERES MORE TO LIFE THAN GRIEF, has a unique twist where the irrational widow fills her void with risky behaviors which leads to a horrific consequence. This wakes her up to pursue her faith instead to overcome grief and discovers that God's grace, helps her to live with peace and new found joy. My book is my memoir of suddenly becoming a 34 year old widow, with two young children. My journey has 3 main parts. The first part is the irrational way I worked through my grief. Even though I professed that I was a Christian, I numbed my pain by filling the void with unhealthy behaviors. I soon felt out of control and couldn't stop. Due to my irresponsibility, an accident happened to my daughter that woke me up to reality. The second part of my journey is surrendering to God and pursuing his plan for my life. I started to fill my void with prayer instead while trusting in God for direction and guidance. My personal experience of feeling God's peace, as I worked through grief, has prompted me to write this book. It's been proved that working through grief with God's direction has worked much better for me than doing it my way! The final and third part of my book is how my life unfolded by following God's plan. It concludes by how I became more compassionate to others that have experienced losses and my new goals and dreams that came true. I obtained a LMSW degree in social work that gives me the credentials to write an encouraging book for other young widows. Also, after 14 years of widowhood and raising my daughters, I found love again and remarried. A WIDOW'S PURSUIT, is not only written from my grief years, but beyond. Grief became only a small part of my life. I was inspired to write this book to help and encourage other young widows that working through grief God's way, instead of their own, can lead to a more rewarding and joyful future.


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