Surviving The Business of Dying: A Guide to Why Final Papers Matter MJ Charles Author
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A frankly written, readily understood guide to why everyone needs to organize their final wishes now! This concise story is the result of the author's personal experience and how she navigated the twists and turns that appeared shortly after her husband's passing. The story moves from the moment she was asked for her husband's medical directive through all that is required in the first few weeks after a funeral, until completion of the probate process eighteen months later. You will find this book reads like a letter from a dear friend. but one where you will be taking notes to ensure you have your own papers in order. Readers agree that this well-structured guide is time well spent and educational on a very important topic that is frequently ignored and overlooked.This irreplaceable guide has now been followed with a workbook of its own! The Surviving the Business of Dying Companion Workbook is now available. This user-friendly question and answer presentation follows the book's format, but delves deeper in the follow-up questions of how a will and its directives will fall into place. It is good to note that the guide and its companion workbook can stand on their own as individual purchases in assisting anyone to get it right, while creating final papers. Used in tandem, however, the process of creating a will and its back-up documents becomes simpler and more easily understood. The completed workbook and its effort will be welcomed by attorney, executor and one's family, as they will literally be reading from the same page.


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