It's About Time!: How to Grow Revenue with Prospect-Centered Selling David A Smith Author
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Imagine trying to inspire people who need help but who are actively resisting change. That is the essence of Heroic Selling.In It's About Time!, David Smith chronicles his thirty-plus-year journey in senior living. He reveals how to turn deep-seated resistance into successful conversions. His field-tested technique, Prospect-Centered Selling®, is based on a theoretical model adapted from the psychology of change. It's a strategy supported by data-driven metrics and a purpose-built CRM platform.David's methodology is disrupting the universally accepted speed-to-lead paradigm. This book provides case studies and is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to double your close rates, drive higher occupancies, and achieve faster fills. It will not only boost your performance, but it will also help hundreds of thousands more people get ready for a new and vibrant chapter in their lives.Be heroic. It's time. Come join us.


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