The History of Concrete and other Ancient Secrets: Short stories for children Juan Jose Prieto-Valdes Author
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There are many different theories that have tried to explain how the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built. Countless books and research papers have been presented, a wide variety of hypotheses are debated, but for many the subject continues to be a mystery.In this book, based on the latest research into the subject, Dr. Juan J. Prieto-Valdés tells the story of how the pyramids were built, how concrete was invented and other secrets of the ancient world. It is a unique approach, a historical fiction written and designed to be read and explained by parents to children in a way they can understand, or for children to read for themselves when they are a little older.The book combines fiction with historical facts about the ancient world, science and stories. The author's intention has been to awaken interest in the subject in a fun kind of way, and the book is aimed at those children; the kind who take a book to bed with them to read before going to sleep and then keep it under their pillow; who have a natural passion for learning.


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