The Cult of the White Owl: A Jake Guiliani Mystery Series Barbara Lefka Author
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Jake Guiliani became a part of the White Owl's detection scheme. He wanted to keep a wide berth between them and the only way he knew how to do this was install a spy system within the department. Jake was suspicious when his plans did not bear fruit and he seemed to be playing catch up. The White Owl's camera club became a murder/blackmail club and the victims were chosen by The White Owl landing on the shoulder of the man he had chosen. Every one carried a 20mm South Sea Pearl in case they were chosen. The bird flew back to his cage with the pearl and ate his reward a juicy mouse or another kind of rodent, Everyone wore masks and pointed hats and gowns and paid homage to the bird,. Their headquarters was moved from Tony McCane's camera shop to an abandoned church on the MainLine of Philadelphia The blackmail money rolled in and the victim count mounted. No one knew who the Keeper of the Keys was and his disguise kept him above suspicion., this was doubly true when his wife became a murder victim and the calling card from The White Owl read Death Where is Thy Sting


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