Life Til Now: Through the Eyes of a Dono Donovan Carter Author
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You’re born, and then you die. These are two things that are certain in life. Everything in the middle is what makes your life just that – your life. Everything that happens in between the day that you are born and the day that you die will be different from the next person. The things that happen during that time are the things that inevitably define you and mold you into the person that you are as you look back at what you have endured. How you grow from those experiences and learn from them is how you will go into the new experiences that are yet to come. I chose to write this book in an unconventional way because I feel it gives a more raw, intellectual, and emotional side of me that I don’t typically share with others. As you will see, the book is not a long book; I did this because I want this to be a book where you can sit down and read it regardless of your attention span. It was important that I hit a few important topics (to me), shine a light on a few of my own experiences, and then my advice on how to deal with them. In time, there will be more that I will write and share, but here you will get an introduction to a different side of Donovan. I hope that you find knowledge and courage to be unapologetic in who you are. Live, but most importantly, learn.


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