It's Not the End of the World!: But It's Later Than You Think. Billie Gorham Author
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The rebirth of the nation of Israel and the return of the Jews to Israel may have introduced the last generation. The increase of violence, natural disasters, and the threat of war on a global scale, are making men's hearts fail them for fear, just as the Bible prophesies. The revival of Satanism, the falling away of the church, and the acceptance of a bio chip to buy and sell, are all prophesied by the prophets for the end of the age. A one-world government is on the horizon and the antichrist is about to be revealed. Searching Old and New Testaments, the author has discovered scripture that gives light to the events of the days ahead. Everyone is wondering what is going to happen? As they look at the rising chaos, people everywhere, not just Christians, are asking, Is this the end of the world?


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