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The things real-estate Mike P aka Allen Pritchett will show you in this book are the new ways of thinking and how to retire at a young age with these concepts. Also how to get multiple flows of income and how important it is. He has made suggestions on ways to make money easier with hard work and persistence. He also shows you why he doesn’t use a 401k because there are more profitable safer ways to invest in his opinion, he will present to you a form of self education that school doesn’t teach, he shows you how he dropped out of school in 11th grade and made bad choices got in trouble and still was able to retire at the age of 33 only working a day job for 7 years of his entire life. By using some of these principles in this book. He shows you the worst thing you can do is work for money. Own your own business become an entrepreneur. Real-estate Mike P will show you that you can do it to. With a little motivations, persistence, determination, and education he teaches.


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