In My Opinion, the Inquest Hearing of Lizzie Andrew Borden: Volume 1 Keith A. Buchanan Author
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In the year 1892 on the fourth day of August, an infamous crime was committed during the late morning hours in the city of Fall River. It was during a time when the cotton mill industry was thriving, and the population within the city was growing. The heart of the city was busy with many people working on and tending to their daily affairs as being nothing more than the norm. Then, suddenly without warning, evil had taken its revenge upon two prominent people within this community. Such an event had sent waves of fear and dismay throughout the city. People gathered by the hundreds, standing at the front gate of house number 92 on Second Street. What such evil act had taken place within this wonderful home and darkened this great city of prosperity and goodwill? As the people waited so desperately to hear of the news that could shed some light upon this situation, it was finally revealed. The lifeless bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson Borden lay inside the home on Second Street, sustaining blunt force wounds by means of a hatchet or an axe. Both bodies were severely traumatized and mutilated, and according to Dr. Seabury W. Bowen, Mr. Bordens face was so brutally cut that one could not even recognize him. This darkened cloud has only begun its fury, and as time moves forward, much greater evil will come about. This infamous crime will make this city a place for all to remember that throughout the days ahead, many will come in defense of the victims, but then, it will be those who seek justice that requires no law or boundaries to a society that is governed by such.


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