How to enhance productivity under cost control, quality control as well as time, in a private or public organization MBA SFA PhD Albert L. Matha Eng A
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Many corporates need to strengthen their industries in the global seethed technology and economic changes, particularly those from Africa. Products and services from the West and Central African regions are merely recognized as poor with low quality and lack of fitness. Productivity and cost are not under control and accordingly impact the level of competitiveness of many organizations. These organizations need to adapt their operations management processes to the environmental change by maintaining a creative outlook in the never-ending search for ways to solve customer problems and respond to customer needs by providing with speed a high-value product or service. Understanding change in operations-based forms of organization is made difficult by the dispersed nature of management practices in such organizations and their effects upon the reinforcement of localized practices and routines that militate against the spread of organization-wide change initiatives.By developing dynamic operations management based on project management methodology, employees and operators could improve the quality of product or service and optimize their productivity.


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