Rare Diamond Ladies Magazine: Debut of Ashley Schuth David M Pedjoe Author
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Dear Ashley To Dream: Once upon a time there lived a fair maiden with thee most gorgeous countenance. Any that glared to gaze would melt with a crush of wonderance. Many imagined her to be the queen of fairies and knew God had set a goddess to bless mankind. Little did we understand the awe she created that will one day save the world. Mysterious woman of beloved deeds, is a gift for all to cherish. We could praise her like Mary, and we chose her as the one clothed in dimidens, for Ashley flooded are hearts with cheer and we ingraciated the opportunity of beauty so fair and moaned to bear gifts of true adoration. Pardon the soliloquy of young romance, yet unendingly man would sing. Helpmates giggled at our infatuations of solemn prayer to raise her to the Kingdoms of Queens. Harken men cried out, here she comes a strutting the runway, like a fine Phillie that nineyed in orchestrated stride. Gosh we bowed and tipped our derby's and cast rose petals before glistening scent. Excited by the chosen of many, there have been only few, that challenge the will of God. Men we are wrought of gold to mine and as unto the seven dwarfs we would toil to serve. Medicine is the beauty we behold of said young virgin, come hither and yon, beyond all rivers and mountains and seas, we sought the tiara of our queen. God we thank you, far and wide, tis this day her birthday of 25, you have made all our days Christmas, and all to thee we owe, for the miracle of the country bride. To all we owe and undamneably we respect the beauty of your child that has cockled our hearts, all to thee we owe... no lie. DAVID M PEDJOE


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