Self-Discipline: An Ex-SPY's Guide to Hack Your Daily Habits to Build Unshakable Self-Control, Laser Sharp Focus, Extreme Productivity & Eliminate Pro
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Imagine how different your life would be if you knew a way to hack your daily habits to become a highly self-disciplined and productive person.You will never quite know how many opportunities you have missed by lacking the self-discipline to truly follow through on your convictions. Whether it’s attaining a new body, a better job, or simply being more productive in life. All too often people fall short as they aren’t equipped with the right mental make-up and mind tricks to actually achieve it.Not anymore...James Daugherty is an intelligence expert & former CIA Spy who specializes in all forms of human behavior. But there’s one trait which is critical to winning, self-discipline. A spy would be worthless without it.However, he never realized quite how much his ability to cultivate a self-disciplined mindset whilst working in the field as an American spy would help everyday people in civilian life.Imagine if you could arrange your habits and behaviors in a way to achieve seamless success in whatever you are doing.In this insightful and functional book, Daugherty gives readers a firsthand look into the trials & tribulations he dealt with in the field as a CIA operative & no-nonsense guide revealing how to: Understand the basic cognitive principles on how the brain actually works The nature of a ‘habit loop’ Why it’s critical to identify bad habits & replace them with better ones Tactics to help you naturally cultivate a self-disciplined mindset Strategies to help with delaying gratification & preventing procrastination Day-to-Day habits of a spy to develop extreme productivity Implementing ‘Habit Pyramiding’ for exponential progress CIA Fitness Training Principles for fast results … and much more.An Ex-Spy’s Guide to Self-Discipline is a mixture of methodical methods combined with the scientific rationale to back up the author’s advice. The clever self-discipline and habit tricks described will help you in all areas of life from health & fitness, career, relationships and everything in between.


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