Homewreckers: Based on the True Story of a Mortgage Lender's Rise & Fall in the American Retail Banking Industry (2000 - 2008). Chance Burkhart Author
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In the years leading up to the financial collapse of 2008, I worked as a licensed banker directly alongside a fraternity of uneducated, unregulated lenders and brain-dead underwriters who literally overextended American home finance for the better part of the last decade. I was inspired to make an edgy introduction to the prototypical bank loan officer who sunk this financial system, not only because I see the comedy in exposing his repulsive lifestyle, but because there remains to be a great American story that I've seen go untold for far too long. Along the way, the audience is going to learn some very real lessons on why they can't afford to pay their mortgage or their rent during this financial recovery. As an industry insider with over fifteen years of financial services experience in retail banking and wealth management, I'm more than capable of explaining the real reasons behind the financial collapse while assessing blame not only on the banks, but specifically on their glorified lenders, who played an instrumental role in the complete destruction of the financial system. This story provides a compelling insider's perspective of what took place at an almost criminal level within the front lines of retail banking and most mortgage lending platforms on a daily basis. My appalling tell-all testimony of the lending industry reflects the collective disposition of many modern-day lenders, bankers, and financial advisors who were very much a part of an era that provided so much temptation to be unethical. I playfully trace the rise and fall of one of the top-producing loan officers in South Jersey while revealing how rich he became from the lucrative commissions he earned from slinging poorly underwritten loans in an unregulated market. Worst of all, he and his friends probably slept with your daughters in the process.


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