Magic of Marketing: Everything about Delivering Exceptional Customer Delight to Generating Extraordinary Profits Emily Goldstein Author
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There is a lot of chatter about marketing, and why not? After all, marketing plays a vital role in the success of a company. They say that the buck stops at the marketing department. Profits are determined more by what marketing people do than anything else. But what is marketing exactly? For an outsider, marketing seems like a lot of mumbo-jumbo with few technical terms thrown in for good effect. The question which hovers around in anyone's mind is whether marketing plays a legitimate role in the success of an organization or is it just a lot of hot air and bluster. This book, 'Magic of marketing', is meant to clear the air and explain marketing in a simple yet effective manner. It will provide you with guidelines on how to effectively utilize the most vital tools in Marketing to drive customers to your E-commerce business. This book will smoothly sail you through the step by step process on how to build a brand and build a team of delightful customers. You will learn how to capitalize on Tools such as; Adwords, SEO, PPC ads, Social Media Marketing and so much more. You will finally learn the secrets on how to delight customers and give them a memorable experience, an experience which is more than just merely buying a product. Reading 'Magic of Marketing,' will empower you to create irresistible marketing campaigns which will deliver on every count, exceptional customer delight and extraordinary profits for your business. It will show you ways to develop skillful, outstanding and spectacular marketing ideas. 'Magic of marketing' is for every aspiring marketing professional. It is a definitive book which is sure to firmly put you on the road to marketing success. Enjoy!


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