The Kingdom Letter K Coloring Book Peggy Louise Parrish Author
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This coloring book is an unusual and unique adventure with the letter K. Each letter was hand designed by artist Peggy Louise Parrish from Idaho. There are many sample letters colored in various ways to look at either to copy or get inspired by. Ultimately you choose how to color the black and white pages. They will each have your own style as you decide turn how you color, what colors you choose and what medium you choose to use. Colored pencils are the most practical to use on the pages. But watercolor pencils, crayons, or even markers can be used. Placing an extra piece of paper under your page while using these tools will keep the next page in the book safe from colors bleeding. If you choose to purchase this book you may make a few in house copies of the letters you like best so that you can try them with different colors and techniques Please make sure to leave the artist's small initials at the bottom of your work. If your first or last name starts with K and you like to color this book would be a wonderful adventure for you.


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