Share the Gift: Teach Your Inner Child the Law of Attracion Cathryn Taylor Author
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You don't attract what you want-you attract what you feel about what you want-and that feeling is based on the vibration of emotion associated with your sense of self-worth. That vibration is established in childhood. It follows you into adulthood and becomes the vibrational beacon which is transmitted to the Universe with respect to your heart's desires. Your manifestations mirror the vibration of what you most fragile self feels he or she deserves.That part of you is longing to feel safe enough to dream. That part of you is waiting for you to care enough to protect and love. He or she is waiting for you to say, I am the one you have been waiting for-I am here to love you-to keep you safe.This Seven-Layer Healing Process teaches you all you need to know in order to have that conversation!A quote by Cathryn from a Seminar offered at Echo Bodine's Center for Living In Minneapolis, Minnesota March 7th, 2007 Share the Gift teaches you how to build the loving relationship that invites your Inner Child to feel safe. The exercises, meditations, and tapping sequences equip you to heal his or her pain, to transform fear into faith, betrayal into trust, shame into unconditional love. Once done, you truly can teach your Inner Child the law of attraction and bring his or her divine energy to the manifestation table!


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