Once Upon a Death Anthology: Novella Tales of Love & Madness K. L. Cottrell Author
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'There's nothing better than a little love, magic, and death.' Revona is known as the Deathbloomer. She is a necromancer with skills that no one has seen before. So, solving crimes and working for the Bureau of the Supernatural is easy. It's also all she's known since she was sixteen. Now, at twenty-three, Revona wants more than dealing with death non-stop. She wants a life. But she didn't bargain for the life belonging to someone else. Something strange is happening and it's scaring her. She is used to order, but the dead guy she just animated has blown everything straight to oblivion. Question: What do you do when you fall in love with a dead man? Answer: Hope like hell the feeling goes away. [Death Undid Me, by J. L. Clayton] - - - 'Gone but not forgotten.' To her great displeasure, Coralie Reed has found new meaning in those words. She definitely hasn't forgotten about Aaron Allen-how could she when he's agitating her as a ghost just as much as when he was alive? He's not really gone at all. And that fact is going to end up causing more than a little trouble. It'll do more than frighten Coralie. It'll do more than frustrate her. It'll do more than put a strain on the connection she has with the new guy she finds in her life. What's a girl gotta do to be able to live in peace? This one is about to find out. [Pretty Guilty, by K. L. Cottrell] - - - Theoretical physicist Dr. Victor Pines has discovered a RIFT between Earth and another world. As he travels through Valspritz, he discovers an unimaginable planet teeming with curious creatures, both harmless and malevolent. During his unpredictable journey, Victor encounters a beautiful being named Zaia. After a life-or-death struggle, the odd pair embark through Valspritz's treacherous sacred lands, which is filled with ravenous cannibals. Can Victor's auspicious nature carry him through the dangers he will face along his journey, or will it push him further down the rabbit hole of unanswered questions and madness? [RIFT, by Jessica Ozment & Brett Tahbonemah]


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