Trump Tweets: A Collection of Donald Trump's Most Outrageous, Offensive, and Deleted Tweets From Trump's Twitter Page: (Booklet) Tony Robson Author
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An Exclusive Collection of President-Elect Donald Trump's Most Outrageous Tweets! If you have been paying attention to politics in the past year, you'll know that Donald Trump has mostly been at the center of attention in politics for most of the past year. Trump has overcome harsh criticism, career threatening scandals, and controversial recordings to become the 45th President of the United States. Over the course of Trump's campaign, Twitter has been one of Trump's favorite resources for communication with his audience. Trump uses Twitter as a powerful platform to speak his mind and attack his enemies, including celebrities and politicians alike. Trump currently has 19.7 Million followers on Twitter, which is growing by the day. During his presidential campaign and the time leading up to it, Trump has said things that no presidential candidate has every thought about saying. These include insults to American allies, attacks on journalists, and other insults to his opponents. This book is a collection of the most outrageous, hilarious, offensive, and even deleted tweets Tweets that Trump has posted on his Twitter page over the last few years. After each tweet, I provide some commentary to either give context or add my two cents to the tweet. This book was intended to be as unbiased as possible and simply focus on what was said via Twitter by Trump. Don't miss this exclusive collection of Donald Trump's best Tweets, get your hands on a copy of Trump Tweets today!


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