Ansible for AWS: Easy Way to Understand How to Use Ansible in Amazon Web Services Jake Knowles Author
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This book is a guide for how to use Ansible in the AWS (Amazon Web Services). The AWS is becoming a popular form of cloud computing in which most businesses, organizations and individuals keep huge amounts of their sensitive data. With Ansible, we can automate most of the tasks such organizations do on the AWS. The first part of the book explains how to create an immutable infrastructure in the AWS using Ansible. It will guide you on all the necessary steps, starting from setup of the AWS account to creation of an inventory. The book also guides you on how to provision and auto scale your AWS infrastructure with Ansible. With this, it will be easy for you or the organization to upload huge amounts of data and have the infrastructure scale to accommodate the data. Please note that with auto scaling, Ansible will do much of the management automatically on the organization's behalf, so there will be little or no effort involved for the organization itself. This results in ease of management and the simplification of tasks. A Dynamic Inventory is also of great significance in AWS. This book explains how to create a Dynamic Inventory using both AWS and Ansible. Ansible and Terraform can also be used to manage Kubernetes on AWS. This book guides you on how to do this. The following topics are discussed in this book: - Creating an Immutable Infrastructure - Provision and Autoscaling your Infrastructure with Ansible - Dynamic Inventory with AWS and Ansible - Ansible and Terraform for Kubernetes to AWS


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