Cuba: The Truth, The Lies, and The Coverups Julio Antonio del Mármol Author
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In this volume, the reader is transported back to 1960, where newly minted master spy Julio Antonio del Marmol begins his career by stealing the briefcase of Che Guevara from inside the provincial military headquarters of the Rebel Army in Pinar del Rio. This action propels him into a new, more dangerous sphere of operation as a spy as he works his way into the inner circles of the most paranoid mind of the leaders of the Cuban revolution, Che Guevara-who seeks to groom the young man as his own protege KGB agent! The story details seemingly unbelievable and undoubtedly controversial events surrounding the blueprints to create communist revolutions, spread corruption, and commit assassinations too outrageous to be fiction. The author tells the story not merely as a narrator-he was an active participant in these events as part of the first steps in his life as a thirteen-year-old spy as he retrieved important documents for his friends in his intelligence network. Only when they reviewed the data did he realize the sheer magnitude of what he had accomplished as he exposed what really lay behind Cuba: the truth, the lies, and the cover-ups.


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