Questions for the Lion Tamer: Delving in the Mystery that is DMT John A Chavez Author
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Questions for the Lion Tamer is a book that presents a basic look at changes within our internal biology that correlates with mystical experiences. The molecule known as DMT seems to have potential in terms of providing an explanation for changes in our perception and abilities during these mystical experiences. There also seems to be an electrical component that coincides with supernormal traits that have seemingly existed since the beginning of mankind. The content found within this book can be found on the site with fully downloadable links to the 500 sources cited throughout it. This book was pieced together in order to provide a hard copy (non-electronic) version of the content on as reader demand warranted this. I hope you enjoy the content found throughout and understand that the $19.99 price is basically a nature tax based on the necessity to utilize trees for paper while the content is accessible for free at


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