Treasure Island: A Re-Imagining of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island Lee Smyth Author
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TEASER: There's more gold, silver, and jewels on Treasure Island than a hundred men could spend in a hundred lifetimes. Jay and his sister Maddie know exactly where it's hidden. There's only one problem: They're not the only ones who want it all. And there's only one question: Is getting rich worth getting knifed in the back? SUMMARY: Robert Louis Stevenson's classic features a young boy as the main character. This new version has two narrators, a twelve-year-old boy and his ten-year-old sister. In Treasure Island you'll meet ... - A seemingly brainless parrot who knows a lot. - A man of God - who's not. - A cook who might be stirring up a mutiny. - A brother and sister who must depend on each other to stay alive. - A French-speaking kid named Voodoo whose best buddy is a nine-foot-long python he calls Muscles. - A colorful crew of pirates (Death Grip, Hammerhand, Twitchy, Tats, Stump, and No Nose) who are better at slitting throats than trusting each other. Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island contains a boatload of words like coracle and foc'icle. He wrote the book in 1883 when most people in England lived and worked near shipping ports. They didn't need a dictionary to understand his novel. Times change. It's time for the new Treasure Island. Author's Website:


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